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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Consequences .............

The consequences of a strict afternoon .......

Soaking in the bath on the Sunday morning, I was still feeling the consequences of a strict encounter from the previous afternoon. Oh, it felt delicious to stroke the bubbly lather over my tender cheeks. It had been nearly two weeks since having a session, and I was definitely in need of it! 

MarQe is the esteemed host of the MarQe's Study blog ( ) to which I am a guest contributor. I was delighted to be asked to join a site which recently recently exceeded a staggering total of 1.5 million visitors. MarQe originally visited me a while ago and following our renewed acquaintance promised a new visit to deal with yours truly. Like most of the gentlemen, who visit me, he is a really nice guy, but on matters of discipline he is most strict. His emails included a detailed description of the discipline that was to come, and from memory I knew exactly what to expect. Given my naughty streak, I always worked a tease into the responses, which stimulated MarQe's resolve for making your favourite girl more respectful! Visitors to his site could share his intentions as the time for our meeting approached.

On the day, I was scheduled to collect him, but, as often happens was a bit late getting there. I drove my little car like Jenson Button, because knowing MarQe is a strict disciplinarian, my lateness would certainly be taken into account!

When we got to the apartment, I served refreshments, allowing MarQe to settle after the journey. We had a relaxed chat about things in general, and the spanking scene in particular. When the moment was right, it was time to go and change into MarQe's choice of clothing, which this time was school uniform, of white blouse, blue skirt, and of course white socks and knickers. When I re-appeared he had, as expected, transformed into disciplinarian mode. As you know I never take things seriously, and had the inevitable giggle, so found myself summoned to stand in front of him.

Obeying MarQe's instruction, I bent down and touched my toes. Gripping the waistband of my white knickers, he swiftly pulled them down over my bottom. Dear reader, when I tell you that he then picked up a cane, you will understand that I became double-extra OMG nervous! Here I am, with no warm up, touching my toes, while this strict disciplinarian has one of John Allen's finest canes, resting across the sweet cheeks of my derriere! Much to my relief, if only temporary, MarQe was just setting the atmosphere for the afternoon's proceedings. But, you know me, just the mention of a cane, is enough to get the butterflies doing aerobatics in my tummy.

In the true style of a gentleman, and knowing I can take a good long punishment if warmed up, MarQe bent me over his knee, commencing with softer smacks and progressing to firm spanks over several minutes. MarQe's preference is for discipline to be given on the bare, so my white school knickers were soon removed. Once warmed up, it was time to experience his reputation for sound spanking, and he soon had me squirming each time his firm hand found one of my cheeks. He paused regularly to give me a rub, and I have to tell you guys, that's the best way to ensure a gal can just keep on going. After this thorough spanking, MarQe instructed me to stand up, and after a reprimand for not saying 'Thank you, Sir'  inspected my bottom, which now had a lovely warm glow.

Wheelbarrow Position  (image Red Charts)

But, things had barely started, and at his instruction took up the wheelbarrow position for the next phase of my punishment. There was a tingle of anxiety at what for me, was a completely new spanking position, and being held firmly I anticipated the imminent meeting of my bare bum and MarQe's legendary hard hand. You have to hand it to the guy, he certainly made sure my entire backside received the attention it deserved. Though he paused, and rubbed my bottom regularly, there was no escaping the stinging sensation as each stroke found its target. MarQe said, with undoubted satisfaction, that my wriggles and involuntary noises, revealed of the effectiveness of the punishment, and I could certainly feel my poor botty getting quite hot.

Once again I was made to stand up, and this time MarQe was gratified to note that my bottom was displaying an appropriate testimony to his handiwork. Now, I was told to kneel on the divan so that MarQe could further encourage my contrition by the application of a hard leather strap to my tail end, and very effective it was too. so much so that I was soon squirming  away from the impact, and earned a stern instruction to keep my bottom up, with a few hard smacks to reinforce the point. Being my usual scatterbrain I kept forgetting to call him 'Sir', so the chance of additional punishment was getting closer by the minute.

"Hold your bottom up!"

Well a man has to do, what a man has to do, which in this case meant the long anticipated conjunction of my bottom and that cane! As demonstrated at the start of the session, only 30 minutes before, I was about to have a renewed acquaintance with of one of John Allen's beautifully made canes. It's a smooth thick cane with a comfortable leather handle topped with a brass cap. Now, like you dear reader, MarQe knows about me and canes, and to further the process of my atonement, he piled on the tension to perfection. MarQe made me wait as this final stage of my punishment was described in detail. As he flexed and swished the cane my knees quivered, and the butterflies in my tummy got airborne in formation. At last, I was told to get into position, part of me longing for it to be over, and part thrilling in anticipation. MarQe pulled the punishment stool into position, and I was bent right over it, legs straight, tummy resting on the top, gripping the stool legs on the far side. Even when just stroked with the cane, I could not help taking a sharp breath, and feeling myself rise on tiptoe. 

Using an innate understanding of my limits, combined with commendable accuracy, MarQe ensured that each stroke made its impression across the cheeks of my bare bottom. Odds Bodekins!! The effect of the cane on the derriere of your favourite girl was just electrifying, every stroke making me gasp and squeal, but again I was sternly warned to keep in position, or get extra strokes. I could feel the perspiration on my hands as they constantly changed grip on the legs of the punishment stool. MarQe paused every few strokes to give a much welcome and relieving rub. He said naughty girls like me needed to be disciplined (Got to admit, he's right there) I was reminded (as if I needed it) of the teasing remarks made in my emails. At halfway, MarQe paused and let the cane rub over my, now very sore, backside, and prepared to apply the remaining strokes. I made a promise to myself to be more respectful to him, and even plaintively said that I would be a good girlie (well it was worth a try) but he just smiled in reply. So with all the mixed emotions of anticipation I just awaited my fate. MarQe obliged, and again the thick stem of rattan left its neat red signatures across my backside. At last it was over!  I composed myself, as the conflicting feelings of discomfort and elation fought inside me. MarQe, gentleman that he is, fetched a bottle of some nice oil I have, and spent a long time massaging it into my truly sore botty. The feeling was divine.

"Mixed emotions of anticipation"

So there I was on Sunday morning, soaking in my bath, soothing the consequences of the day before. An email from MarQe contained some very sweet remarks and speculated that if my future conduct was not more respectful the consequence would be additional punishment next time we met. I stepped out of the bath, towelled myself dry, and applied some moisturiser, paying special attention to my sore cheeks. Wrapped in a robe I went to my computer, and keyed a response to MarQe's email. Needing no reminders of the previous day I composed an oh-so polite reply. But just as I was about to punch the 'send' button, paused. Should I include a cheeky tease in the reply? To do so could mean consequences. It would be quite a while before I would see MarQe again, and my naughty side just couldn't resist adding a cheeky ending. Oh, consequences!  

If you have the desire to discipline a very naughty girl, then give me a call on 07515 007 720 or visit my website at


MarQe said...

..... & 'Consequences' will be handed out My Dear Catherine !

MarQe x

Naughty Catherine said...

MarQe - I shall obediently submit to the richly deserved and assuredly painful consequences of my actions.