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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Being a schoolgirl just comes naturally

I get asked to role play many different themes, but the traditional schoolgirl scenario is still popular in this otherwise fast changing world. It is easy to see why. The Headmaster/ Pupil relationship fits so naturally with the role of the Dom and Sub. I don't have a favourite role play but there is a certain buzz when I am asked to be the delinquent of year 12!

For me it starts as soon as I put on the uniform. From the gentle embrace of the regulation knickers, to the careful knotting of the striped tie. I then immediately fall into the role of the wilfully independent late teenager in need of some sound corrective therapy. The mood changes as soon as the 'headmaster' starts to point out what a disobedient pupil I have been. His authority seems to envelope me as we play our respective roles towards my inevitable punishment.

Watching the 'headmaster' sit on a chair and command me to bend over his knee, starts the clock of my anxiety ticking. The feel of the muscular thighs beneath me with one firm arm around my waist, is as fresh every time. With the first fall of the hand, muffled by my clothing, I am off on that roller coaster of thrill and anxious anticipation.

After the almost conventional dozen or two spanks over my clothes, there is that pause, the waiting, but not for long. The hem of the skirt is turned right over to my back, and those masculine hands grasp the soft waistline of my knickers. Techniques vary, a headmaster may gently pull the waistband over my cheeks, just to the top of my thighs. Or he might use the arm around my waist to manfully raise me up from his lap, allowing the complete withdrawal of my knickers, right down to my knees.

Again that pause; I can feel the cool air on my cheeks. And then there is a sensation of movement as the hand falls on to my unprotected globes. If its a gentle start then that is fine, but then so is the first fall of the hand which makes me gasp. The headmaster is in charge, and that is what matters.

Because I am really naughty, a spanking, even a firm one, will not teach me the error of my ways. So the headmaster may need to use a succession of implements. Sometimes I remain over his lap. Other times I am bent over a chair or table. It does not matter as each application of the implement gives me a distinct, if painful thrill.

Each implement is different in how it feels. The leather paddle, may make a dull sounding impact, but it leaves an all over glow to the bottom. The strap has a snap to its sound, and a real sting to go with it. And the feeling lasts, each stroke adding the sensation. An old school punishment implement is the tawse, which has a justified reputation for being very painful, but with it comes that feeling unique to a real submissive, that of wanting more, even though, at the same time, the pain may seem unbearable. Its difficult to explain that double sensation. Wanting the pain to stop, but yet willing the headmaster to continue his domination. The martinet or flogger is a particular favourite of mine. I just love to be whipped with them.

The ultimate implement is the cane. They, of course, come in all types and sizes, and both headmasters and their delinquent pupils have their preferences. The cane can be applied in many positions, but whatever the angle the sensation is unique. A cane applied with authority is the way to an altered state of consciousness. Its like climbing that last few feet to the top of a mountain. All the pain is forgotten in the exhilaration of getting to the top.

For the true submissive, the experience of being told to adopt the classic caning position, is an essential part of the experience. Just to hear the words makes one quiver with nervous anticipation. "Bend over and touch your toes". When the headmaster speaks that command, I find my legs literally shaking with emotion. The exposure as the skirt is lifted and the knickers pulled down is more profound than in any other position. It is complete exposure, complete surrender to the headmaster's will. the wait for the first stroke, can seem like hours, rather than seconds. It is this moment that encompasses the whole reason why the schoolgirl/headmaster scenario has stood the test of time.

Well, I hope you boys enjoyed sharing my innermost thoughts. Perhaps you would like to try the experience for yourself? Take a look at my web page at
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