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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

When in Guadeloupe, do as the French do

Well, in a few weeks I'm off on a modelling shoot to Guadeloupe. "Where's that" I said to the agency booker, "French Caribbean" came the reply, which makes sense because we will be working for a French company. And, for you followers of soccer, it is the favourite destination for Thierry Henry. And do you know, they use the Euro, even being all of 5000 miles from France. Remember that, it has to come up in a pub quiz sometime!

Mind you the last time I was in the French Caribbean, in Martinique, things got a bit hairy when I decided to go topless on one of the beaches and was arrested. I was taken back to an infested hole they called the police station. I didn't fancy spending any time in there while officialdom, particularly bureaucratic French type officialdom, took its course. I tried my winning smile; no luck there. I tried my most sensual charm; but no luck there either. So it was down to my 'weapon of mass attraction'. You guessed it, my derriere. Yours truly has used her botty to get out of a lot of tight corners. Why is that? Simple. No red bloodied male can deny having the desire to give a woman a spanking, but most don't get the opportunity. By submitting to such desires, as every woman should, I have my own 'get out of jail, free' card.

So I suggested to the three nice policemen, that a little fessee was in order. Following an initial look of disbelief, and a furtive scout about for any senior officers, they very politely led me to an interview room. OTK was the order of the day, and it was not long before my sarong was lifted, bikini bottoms pulled down, and some large and very strong hands applied to my bare cheeks. These guys took to it like ducks to water, each having several turns. My 'sentence' duly over, I tripped off back to my hotel, although I have to confess, I was still sore the next morning!

Well I'll keep you posted about the trip, after it happens. In the meantime have you seen my web page with the, recently posted, gallery. It can be found at this link:

With a hint of Spring around, and before Easter and the holiday season arrives, it could be time to come and show me your own preferences for dealing with a very naughty girl.

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