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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When in Rome, do as the English do! Part 2

If you have not read Part 1, Then scroll down a few posts to read it first.

To continue, dear reader.

Sarah and I are standing in Leopoldo's study. We are very still, and silent. We remain looking down, our hands clasped in front. A door on the far side of the room opens. We hear someone entering the room, we know it is Leopoldo, but don't look up, or move, until told to, as that can mean extra punishment.

Sarah and I know Leopoldo well, and have enjoyed his polite and friendly hospitality many times. But once we are in his study, doing a scenario, while he will always remain courteous and polite, the atmosphere is one of strictness. Upon his instruction we move in front of his desk, and are permitted to raise our eyes. Across the desk stands Leopoldo, with a kind but firm look about his face.

Before going on, let me give you the low down on Leopoldo's study. Don't get the idea this is some poky little office in a spare bedroom, this room is just palatial. The floor is marble, of course, with a very thick dark blue carpet in the middle. Leopoldo's desk is a feast of dark wood, with gold inlays, topped with a surface of ornate design including inlays of minerals and ivory. It's not my taste mind, but probably worth a fortune. Around the walls are pictures and mirrors in ornate frames. In places, against the walls, are tables every bit as ornate as the desk, but with marble tops. One of these has been moved to the centre of the room. On this table is an opened bottle of champagne and three glasses. Leopoldo himself is resplendent in the full dress uniform of a cavalry officer in the Italian army. The uniform is pressed, the brown leather riding boots gleaming.

At the word from Leopoldo, Sarah and I turn and go to the marble topped table in the middle of the room. We stand on opposite sides and then bend across the table so that our shoulders almost touch. On the way to the table I heard Leopoldo make two clicking sounds with his tongue. I knew exactly what that meant. When moving across the room I looked briefly in the mirrors I had passed. Now when it comes to mirrors, I just can't resist the temptation to look at myself. It's no good I can't resist. However in these scenarios, looking in the mirrors is just not allowed. Leopoldo had seen me do it, so I would get extra punishment, nothing nasty, but enough to start the butterflies flying around my stomach.

You see, dear reader, I find this sort of thing really exiting. I just love the tension of rules which inevitably I break. The best part of a scenario is paying for being extra naughty. Even in everyday life, I just love the thrill of doing something I shouldn't, particularly if it results in a punishment being firmly applied to my bare bottom. But, as ever, I digress.

Once Sarah and I are in place, heads down, bottoms up, still and quiet, Leopoldo comes over to the table and takes hold of one of our dresses. You see, these uniforms have been cleverly designed. Instead of the back seam of the skirt being sewn as normal, the whole length of the seam from the waist to the bottom hem is fastened with poppers. Leopoldo simply pulls each side of the seam and the skirt parts all the way to the waist, leaving our silk clad derrieres exposed. When he has prepared each of us this way, the fun begins.

The session starts with some hand spanking. Being a true gentleman, Leopoldo starts with fairly gentle smacks to warm us up, before applying firmer strokes, pausing regularly to give some nice rubs. He may be elderly, but after 20 minutes of dealing with each of us in turn, he is just getting into his stride, and our botties are feeling delightfully warm! He carries on, moving between Sarah and I, until finally finishing with some smacks that would not shame a world class athlete!

After the spanking, Sarah and I are permitted a short break. When bidden, I pour some of the champagne into the three glasses, and take one to Leopoldo. Once I made the mistake of putting Leopoldo's glass on his desk. How was a girl to know that his desk was sacred territory? He remained composed, but it was clear that I had committed a great sin. What a hoohah! Trying to be helpful I suggested the mark would soon come off with a bit of Mr Sheen, but to no avail. In the end it amounted to some hours of work by a specialist from the city, and for me touching my toes for one of the sorest bottoms in a long time. I know what you are thinking. If I get a thrill from the consequences of my naughtiness, then surely I would have done it again. Trust me, every rule has an exception, and this one was it.

After the bubbly, it was time for more fun. As we bent over the table, Sarah giggled. The click of Leopoldo's tongue meant he had heard it and she would pay later. But Sarah is a real submissive like me, and usually does something to merit some extra discipline. Sometimes, fuelled with champagne courage, we compete for who gets the most extra!

From his desk Leopoldo produces a masterpiece in leather, which looks like a cross between a paddle and a strap. The workmanship on this implement is superb. Not only is the patterned stitching unique, but the surface is finely tooled. Apparently, Leopoldo acquired this piece while he was at university in Cambridge. After each session it is taken away by one of the staff and carefully oiled. It's an antique, but still has plenty of life in it!

At this point there is always an air of expectancy and the butterflies in my stomach are flying in formation like the Red Arrows. Leopoldo puts down his glass, so we prepare ourselves for what follows. Hopefully by this time the champagne is doing its job. He pauses behind us, and holding the waistband of our silk knickers, pulls them right down. Its nice to feel the air, which seems cooling to our hot and red bottoms. Once again we are dealt with in turns. I like the way he places his hand firmly on my lower back, the entire rhythmic motion of each swing being transmitted to my body, before the delicious stinging impact of every stroke. Leopoldo continues applying the strap with an enthusiasm of a man half his age, pausing to give a gentle rub and moving between Sarah and I every ten strokes. (Remember they're metric the Italians, no six or twelve of the best for them) Now call me old fashioned, but the feel of a skilfully applied leather strap to my bare bottom just pushes all the right buttons for me. With this implement it is impossible to keep still, after each stroke there is some inevitable squirming, but too much and Leopoldo's tongue starts to click!

At last, Leopoldo returns to his desk, and we know the strapping is finished and we can stand up again. But the session is not over, there is the matter of our extra punishment. When Leopoldo first came into the room he was carrying a riding crop, not out of place with his cavalry officers uniform. But this is no ordinary riding crop, it is made to an unusual design by a German company called Fleck. Instead of the usual round tapered shaft with a folded flap of leather at the end, below the handle, the entire shaft is flattened and leather covered over its length.

Picking up the crop Leopoldo returns to face us. From previous experience we know the crop is applied in the classic touching toes position. I usually take first turn. So down I go, touching the toes of my shoes, the muscles of my legs and bottom pulled taught. I feel Leopoldo pull the two halves of the skirt apart, leaving my bare, red, and very hot bottom completely exposed. The butterflies in my stomach are flying in spirals as the adrenalin flows. Usually at this point I wished I had drained the whole bottle of bubbly, or better still ignored those mirrors. Then after what seems an eternity, there is the swishing sound of the crop passing through the air in its descending arc, followed by the heavy leather shaft landing squarely across both cheeks, with a sound not unlike a cane. The pain comes in one flowing wave, and I need to let out a gasp that allows me to keep in position. There is always a pause between strokes. These pauses seem the longest in human history, but hey! this is what I joined for. Today I'm lucky and its only five strokes. I stand up, feeling the high I always get from well applied discipline, and part of me even wishes that I had giggled or looked in mirrors a bit more. I give Leopoldo a genuine kiss of appreciation and stand aside for Sarah to take her turn.

When its all over we run down the corridors back to our rooms, giggling like schoolgirls. Its time for a long bath and and an application of moisturiser to our poor botties. The next morning its back to the grind of changing in draughty summerhouses, trying not to let our dressers see our backsides. And of course lunch is a grabbed, stand up affair for Sarah and I, as sitting with the crew on hard wooden or stone benches just doesn't appeal to us! But there is always a comment about how bubbly we both are, and enquiries about what we had been doing the night before, to be so excitable.

The Villa Patronni may be all luxury, but it does not add to the pleasure of being spanked. I get just as much pleasure in my playroom, over the knee of a gentleman who is pulling down a pair of M&S panties. Leopoldo is very nice, but I live in the real world of today, and enjoy the company of people, who like me, have to work hard for a living.

Now, dear reader, I believe the Fleck is the ultimate punishment implement. The feel of that hard leather covered shaft is just the business It hurts more than a cane, but without the threat of damage. I got one for myself. Its not surprising that gentlemen who visit me have the same opinion. They like its heavy feel and comfortable handle, and really enjoy applying it with verve to my naked rear. Its no secret that my favourite position is be punished lying bottom up, on a huge leather bean bag. Oh the sheer pleasure of it!

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