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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Now you can comment

Well dear readers, If I have got it right, you can now add comments to my posts. Feel free to comment on any previous postings. Of course, six strokes on my bare bottom is comment enough!

six on the bare is comment enough


sixofthebest said...

Naughty Catherine, as the photo shows so beautifully. "Six of the Best, as my 'nome de plume' suggests, is perfect for a naughty lady to be given on her bare bottom.

sixofthebest said...

A further pleasureable comment. Since your are wearing suspender-belt and stockings, it would be my pleasure to take your knickers, down to around your ankles. And wickedly apply that cane on your voluptous bare bottom.

Naughty Catherine said...

SixOfTheBest - There's no teasing with my blogs. You really can take my knickers down, and give my very real bare bottom six-of-the-best. I await your call.

Mr Tawse - Sorry your post got lost in the system. Your suggestion of 12 strokes would put real emphasis on your 'comment', and send a clear message to me!

Anonymous said...

From George
Caned many spankees, but with Catherine its like giving a real punishment. Just like her blogs say, gets nervy when she sees the cane, and even more when her knickers come down. And every caning seems like its her first.

Naughty Catherine said...

George - you have the knack to be like a real headmaster, and your canings ARE real punishments, deserved of course!

Anonymous said...

As the gentleman called 'Sir' in the 'Domestic Discipline' posting, I must say how accurate that posting is. From the moment you appeared in the uniform you were not just role-playing a maid, you actually became the maid. The emotional tension described was just spot on, and your reaction to the implements was exactly as portrayed in the post. And you are the only woman I know who seems more confident naked than fully dressed!
But there must be special mention of the caning. You did not quite say in the post that the terms of the lease of the apartment forbid smoking or any naked flames, which includes candles. You have flagrantly ignored this, so when caught a well deserved punishment has ensued. That day I intended to give a punishment that while respecting your limit of causing no lasting marks, would have a genuinely long lasting effect on your behaviour. The painful qualities of the Senior cane, combined with a good number of firm strokes spread evenly across whole of both cheeks, was sure to teach you a proper lesson without lasting injury. Your description of the caning was so realistic that your readers would have felt they were in the room, watching your discomfort.
But how lasting has it been? At the end of your post you had bought another candle, in defiance of the rules. But on the several visits since there has been no sign of candles, because I have looked for them. I think, young lady, using the Senior cane on your delightful bottom is having a very lasting effect, that should continue for quite a while. And if those 'mischievous imps' lead you into temptation again, be assured the Senior cane will be ready!

Naughty Catherine said...

Sir - The caning was MOST effective, I promise. promise.

Anonymous said...

Great picture, Catherine! I was pleased to find your blog, good stories with nice illustrations. Hope to be able to cane you some time soon.
Charles x

Naughty Catherine said...

Charles - Thank you for the kind words. Your further 'comments' delivered by cane, to my bare cheeks, would be most welcome

Greg said...

Woww, what a lovely scenario....what a lucky chap Sir certainly is.
And, Catherine, you described the punishment so eloquently, making it so very real. May I add my thanks to you for your vivid portrayal of your punishment.
Who knows one day I may be so fortunate as to pay a visit....well, dreams do come true, don't they?
Thank you again, Greg.

Patrick said...

I love this photograph of you and I intend to spend an afternoon with you as soon as I can get to London. I would like you in this particular pose and many others that I see.

Your site is the best by far of any of have seen.


Naughty Catherine said...

Greg - There is nothing so vivid as the real thing! Turn your dream into reality, come and give me a real spanking of your own.

Patrick - Thank you for the kind words. I would be happy to see you anytime. Yes we could reprise the pose. Six-of-the-best on the bare, Sir.

MarQe said...

I'm waiting Young Lady !!! It'll be the 'Whippy cane' for you if you are not careful my girl !!


MQ xXx

Naughty Catherine said...

MarQe - It's not even September yet! I am just preparing the post about your coming visit, and just keying the words 'cane.....24 strokes' is getting me all of a dither. And now you mention Mr Whippy!