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Monday, September 5, 2011

I have been warned to expect a visit

I've been a bad girl, and we know what happens to bad girls! Of course many go on to marry a millionaire or end up becoming a Duchess, but in my case the result will be rather more uncomfortable. In the course of being a contributor to the MarQe's Study website, Marqe and I exchange a number of emails. Now my sense of naughty fun is well known, but it does get me into trouble. In my emails there have been some teasing remarks, especially about Marqe's love of football, and the club he follows with some fervour. Certain of my wittycisms have been absolute corkers, giving your favourite girl a real laugh as they winged their way across cyberspace.  Marqe has decided it is high time that I was taught to have more respect for the 'beautiful game' and those who follow it. I have been told what to expect during his next visit, sometime this month.

Always being a gentleman, MarQe will mercifully start with a warm up, via a sound OTK spanking. But then I can expect him to go into punishment mode. it will be knickers down as MarQe gets serious, by way of what he promises will be 'an extended strapping'. From previous experience, he certainly has a singular talent for applying hard leather to every
inch of yours truly's bare backside. The 'entended' part means I can expect a very red and burning bottom.

Ready for the cane

Then the punishment will pause for me to serve tea for MarQe.  While he sits and drinks his cuppa, I will be sent to prepare for the next level of my chastisement. As he has directed, the caning stool will placed in front of the mirror, as I will be made to watch my punishment. Taking up the position across the stool, I am to ponder what is to come. Oh my golly, dear readers, you know about me and canes. Just the mention of them gets me going, so the minutes spent bent over the stool, contemplating the inevitable, will send my anxieties skywards. I can imagine straining to hear the final clink of cup on saucer, and the sound of MarQe rising from his chair and entering the room, cane in hand. Just imagine that smooth, soft bottom in the picture, receiving the 24 full strokes of the cane I have been warned to expect.


Anonymous said...


As very serious football fan myself, disrespecing the "game" is a grevious offense indeed. I recall a quote from a famous football manager from the UK. "Football is much more important than life and death."
And, if MarQe's favorite club is Arsenal, they have a blazing red kit. And, if not, I am sure he will have it in mind.
Pick on anything but football and his club.
I cannot imagine 24 full strokes with a cane. My sympathies are with you dear Catherine.


Naughty Catherine said...

Joey - Not Arsenal but close with the red! Think red stripes and connections with China.

However you agree with MarQe that I have been a bad girl, and have commited a 'grevious offence'. MarQe has decided in the words of Gilbert and Sullivan to 'let the punishment fit the crime'. So I shall be watching, in that mirror, as MarQe applies each stroke to dramatic effect.

MarQe said...

Arsenal !!!! Grrrrrr!!!


Naughty Catherine said...

Joey - MarQe - Now boys, let's not have a falling out over a silly game (Oops!)

Michael said...

My, you have been very naughty, Catherine. So glad that MarQe will tend to you as you so richly deserve. Can't wait to hear about this epic session.

FYI American football starts tonight, and I am one of those rare Americans who not only likes American football but also what we Yanks call soccer. What is known by the rest of the world as football.

Patrick Swift said...

Being a real Liverpool supporter, if you ran down this club like you did Arsenal, I would make sure also that you had a very striped bottom too and that you would have great difficulty in sitting down!


Naughty Catherine said...

Michael - It get's worse! Both 'soccer' and 'football' are used throughout UK, except Wales, where 'football' means 'rugby'.

Patrick - Don't recall running down Arsenal, only a few cheeky remarks about a certain Midlands club. The only Merseyside club I've heard of is Everton.

Guys, Following MarQe's visit, as soon as I can sit down with a degree of comfort, there will be a posting.
If any of you feel that I still lack the correct level of respect for your beloved game, then why not visit me yourself, I might just get the message.

Anonymous said...

"Football is not a matter of life and death and spanking-it's more important than that !...anyway Naughty Catherine as long as that soft tender little bare botty of yours gets a deserved visit from the stingy cane (regularly) then we can agree "it's a game of two halves"